mm-class oil film detector






Intrinsically safe construction(i3nG5)

Object to be

Various kinds of floating oil

水に浮く油 水に浮く油

This device is designed to detect floating oil films in facilities such as water channels, closed water channels and wastewater pits. It is suitable for detecting any water-insoluble oil.

The detection sensitivity of this capacitive detector is in millimeters, being lower than that of μm-class detectors. However, the automatic correction capability, provided for the NQH and NSH models, maintains the detector’s high sensitivity, even if the leak resistance of the probe affected by buildups decreases, and therefore reduces the workload required for maintenance.

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The electrode is mounted on a float and set on the water. Water significantly differs from oils in electrical characteristics. Drawing on this fact, the capacitive mm-class oil film detector detects oil films by changes in proportions of water and oil present at the probe’s unit dimension and by capacitance changes.

    1. Unaffected by the color of water or the type of oil.

    2. High mechanical strength as well as oil, chemical and wear resistance achieved by the standard float sensor made of stainless steel.

    3. No moving parts ensure a long service life.

    4. Extremely robust, maintenance-free detector.

    5. Low initial cost and low maintenance cost.

    6. Simple maintenance.
      (The detector is highly sensitive and stable against decreases in the probe’s leak resistance resulting from buildups.)

Measurement system Capacitance system
Measurement range 1mm~10mm
Output signal Model NQH-OFm : a,c,b 200V 1A 100VA (non-inductive load) /
          Open collector / Thyristors / SSR
Model NSH-OFm (Model PS-7): a,c,b 200V 1A 100VA (non-inductive load)
Model NSH-OFm (Model PS-8): a,c,b 250V 5A (non-inductive load)
Input power Model NQH-OFm: AC105V/210V 50/60Hz or DC24V
Model NSH-OFm (Model PS-7): AC105V/210V 50/60Hz
Model NSH-OFm (Model PS-8): AC105V/210V 50/60Hz
Power consumption Model NQH-OFm: 4.5W
Model NSH-OFm: 4W
Allowable temperature Detector: 0℃~+100℃ (Depends on the specifications)
Transducer:  Model PS-3Fm: -10℃~+50℃
Transducer:  Model TR-6Fm: -25℃~+70℃
Power source: Model PS-7:    -10℃~+50℃
Power source: Model PS-8:    -10℃~+50℃
Special cable:  Model RG (standard type):      -10℃~+60℃
Special cable:  Model TEF(heat resistance use): -200℃~+260℃
Time lag 0~30seconds variable
Weight Transducer:  Model PS-3Fm: 2.0kg
Transducer:  Model TR-6Fm: 1.75kg
Power source: Model PS-7:    2.0kg
Power source: Model PS-8:    7.8kg
Size Transducer:  Model PS-3Fm: 154(W)×95(D)×166(H)
Transducer:  Model TR-6Fm: 154(W)×95(D)×166(H)
Power source: Model PS-7:    80(W)×101(D)×210(H)
Power source: Model PS-8:    220(W)×78(D)×262(H) (mm)
Surface treatment Float: Buff , etc.
Shape Float: Cylindrical type Raft type, etc.
Material Float sensor: SUS304 SUS316 Titanium PTFE, etc.
Head case: Light alloy Silver, etc.

Model NQH-OFm
(Non-explosion-proof type)
<Separated transducer type>


Model NSH-OFm-1
(Instrinsically safe construction / i3nG5)
<Separated transducer type>


Model NSH-OFm-2
(Flameproof construction / d2G4)
<Separated transducer type>

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