Various products suitable for
various use conditions

DITECH calculates the strength of all detectors, including standard ones, taking operating conditions (temperature, load and pressure) into consideration.
Since its founding, DITECH has consistently supplied products that meet operating conditions and standard design strength requirements by an adequate margin based on strength calculations. Our various products have long been operating safely even under harsh environments.

Cryogenic or ultrahigh
temperature models

We have five kilns and cooling equipment constructed in-house to conduct in-house temperature testing of high- or low-temperature detector models.
We are able to manufacture probes that cover cryogenic or ultrahigh temperature ranges according to user specifications, for example, 2000 ºC models for molten metals, −200 to 1100ºC capacitive models, −200 to 550ºC vibrating models and −25 to 900ºC impedance types. Please contact us for more information.

Ultrahigh-vacuum /
ultrahigh-pressure models

DITECH owns pressure-resistance and high-pressure gas testing machines to conduct internal testing of all high-pressure detector models.
We are able to design and manufacture probes that cover ultrahigh-vacuum or ultrahigh-pressure [100 MPa (1000 kg/cm2G)] ranges according to user specifications. Please contact us for more information. KHK compatible products is also available.

High-load models

DITECH performs careful load calculations for detectors that are expected to operate under high-load conditions.
We design and manufacture high-load models that can bear up to 2000 kg of concentrated loading at the probe tip. Please contact us for more information.

Products compliant with the
High Pressure Gas Safety Act

DITECH offers a variety of products for use in high-pressure gas environments. We have high-pressure gas test apparatuses and a wealth of experience in this field spanning more than twenty years, from the time covered by the High Pressure Gas Control Law to the present-day High Pressure Gas Safety Act. Please consult us for KHK compatible products.

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