Net capacitive Level switch




Ultra-high sensitivity type


DITECH’s proprietary net capacitive level switch is immune to the influences of electrical conductivity variations and offers the highest sensitivity among electronic level switches.


Every liquid, granular material and powder is more than a simple dielectric material: they exhibit various electrical characteristics.

Common capacitive level switches capture overall changes in electrostatic capacitance to output detection signals. The DLS model detects net changes in electrostatic capacitance by accurately correcting changes in electrical conductivity and therefore offers ultrahigh sensitivity.

Stable detection range Min ≦ 0.1pF 107Ω
Max ≧ 60pF 15×102Ω
Output contact a,c,b 200V 1A 100VA (Non-inductive load) / Open collector / Thyristor / SSR
Input power AC105V/210V 50/60Hz or DC24V
Power consumption 3W
Allowable temperature Detector: -200℃~+1100℃ (Depends on the specifications)
Transducer: -25℃~+70℃
Allowable load Detector: 2000kg Concentrated at detection tip
      (Depends on the specifications)
Allowable pressure Detector: 100MPa (approx. 1020kg/cm2G)
      (Depends on the specifications)
Installation Detector: Flange mounting Screws mounting  Ferrule IDF, etc.
Material Detector: SUS304 SUS316 SUS316L Hastelloy Titanium
      Tantalum Nickel PTFE Ceramic, etc.
Lining: PTFE Glass Rubber, etc.
Head case: Light alloy SUS304 Salt resistant paint case, etc.

Model DLS
(Non-explosion-proof type)

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