Transmitters for liquid

Our transmitters for liquids have been developed and calibrated for measurement with a series of Relative-permittivity meter, Conductivity meter, Weir type flowmeter, etc.
Transmitters detect electrostatic capacitance changes by the relative-permittivity, conductivity and water flow of the measured substance, and then converts these changes into an integrated signal (DC・mA) to transfer continuously as output signal.
Transmitters generally output the signals of (4mA~20mA) or (DC1V~DC5V) to measure the range of 0%~100%.

Relative-permittivity meter

Model QBS-RP
(Non-explosion-proof type)

Model NSB-RP
(Intrinsically safe construction)

The relative-permittivity meter is designed to measure, in a manufacturing process, the relative permittivity of a liquid by mounting a detector on the bottom of a mixing tank.

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Conductivity meter

Model QBS-CM
(Non-explosion-proof type)

Model NSB-CM
(Intrinsically safe construction)

This device is designed for manufacturing processes to measure the electrical conductivity of liquids with variable conductivity (electro-conductivity) such as reacted liquid in-process and online, and to output as a standardized signal.

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Minimal-leakage meter for piping

Model IP-QBS-F
(Non-explosion-proof type)

Model IP-NSB-F
(Intrinsically safe construction)

The minimal-leakage meter for piping is designed to detect, in a manufacturing process, liquid leaks from valves on process piping.

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Capacitive oil-in-water meter

Model QBS-OW
(Non-explosion-proof type)

Model NSB-OW
(Intrinsically safe construction)

This Capacitive oil-in-water meter is designed to detect the oil contained in the water in pipelines and tanks for suction and discharge water.

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Capacitive moisture-in-oil meter

Model QBS-MO
(Non-explosion-proof type)

Model NSB-MO
(Intrinsically safe construction)

The capacitive moisture-in-oil meter is designed for manufacturing processes to detect moisture content by identifying the relative permittivity of the mixture.

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Weir type flowmeter

Model QBS-F
(Non-explosion-proof type)

Model NSB-F
(Intrinsically safe construction)

Using a triangular or rectangular weir, this weir type flowmeter accurately determines the amount of wastewater emitted by continuously measuring the hydraulic head.

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