Lightning arrestor




The Lightning arrestor of standalone type is designed to minimize lightning risks, which can be used with most products irrespective of the type of measurement system.
Surge current from a lightning surge voltage reaching the power source or a transducer (amplifier) via a cable can potentially harm transducer (amplifier) circuits and cause failure. The lightning arrestor protects equipment by triggering dielectric breakdown upon the occurrence of a surge voltage exceeding a preset value and bypassing the surge current to the ground.

To protect equipment from static electricity, standalone (separate) Model SP-2 and integrated arrestors equipped with a built-in sensor assembly are available. (Please contact us for more information.)

Allowable temperature -25℃~+70℃
Weight 2.1kg
Size 154(W)×102(D)×166(H) (mm)
Installation Screw
Material Aluminum SUS304
Surface coating: Light alloy Salt resistant paint case, etc.

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