Level transmitters for liquid

Our level transmitters for liquid have been developed and calibrated for level measurement with a series of Water level transmitter, Liquid level transmitter, interface level transmitter.
Level transmitters detect electrostatic capacitance changes generated by the rise or fall of the level of the measured substance, and then converts these changes into an integrated signal (DC・mA) to transfer continuously as output signal.
Level transmitters are generally installed vertically and output the signals of (4mA~20mA) or (DC1V~DC5V) to measure the range of 0%~100%.

Capacitive water・fluid Level transmitter

Model QBS-WF
(Non-explosion-proof type)

Model NSB-WF
(Intrinsically safe construction)

Capacitive water・fluid level transmitter is ideal for measuring Water (fresh water, sea water, hot spring water, etc.) and other liquids of various properties.

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Capacitive interface Level transmitter

Model QBS-IF
(Non-explosion-proof type)

Model NSB-IF
(Intrinsically safe construction)

Boundary surface of two types of liquid can be detected by measuring the liquid having higher permittivity out of two types of liquid.

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Impedance type fluid Level transmitter

(Non-explosion-proof type)

(Intrinsically safe construction)

The impedance type fluid level transmitter IP model is ideal for measuring the good electrical property liquids and the fine particles.

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Impedance type interface
Level transmitter

(Non-explosion-proof type)

(Intrinsically safe construction)

The impedance type interface level transmitter can be used for interface level measurement for applications in which one or the other, or both of the overlying and underlying fluid are conducting fluids.

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Relative permittivity-correcting
Level transmitter

Model QBS-DC
(Non-explosion-proof type)

Model NSB-DC
(Intrinsically safe construction)

The relative permittivity-correcting level transmitter has been developed to determine an accurate level for fluid level measurement applications in which the relative permittivity tends to be unstable due to changes in components or mixture ratios.

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Float type Level tramsmitter

Model FM
(Non-explosion-proof type)

Model FS
(Intrinsically safe construction)

This level transmitter is the float type measuring the liquid level by detector rolling up and down in conjunction with float movements.

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