Electromagnetic induction type
metal detector




The electromagnetic induction type metal detector measures, in a manufacturing process, the percentage of metal powder contained in paint, ink or other liquids present in a pipeline. By measuring the percentage of metal powder that degrades product quality, it becomes possible to prevent the entry of metal powder into the tank.

The fluid (non-metallic fluid) that passes through piping does not affect the AC magnetic field generated around the piping. If a metal powder is present in the fluid, a change occurs in the magnetic field resulting in imbalance and the generation of an output signal.
Measurement range Depends on the pipe diameter.
Output signal DC4~20mA DC1~5V ※One of the above signal
Input power Model DIM-MD (Model PS-17MD): AC105V/210V 50/60Hz or DC24V
Power consumption 50W
Allowable temperature Detector: -20℃~+550℃
Transducer:  Model PS-17MD: -10℃~+50℃
Special cable:  Model MVVS 2C: -10℃~+60℃
Allowable pressure Detector: 1MPa (approx. 10.2kg/cm2G)
Weight Transducer: Model PS-17MD: 5.5kg
Size Transducer: Model PS-17MD: 216(W)×125(D)×259(H) (mm)
Installation Detector: Flange mounting Screws mounting, etc.
Material Detector: SUS304 SUS316 PTFE, etc.
Head case: Light alloy SUS304 Salt resistant paint case, etc.

Model DIM-MD
(Non-explosion-proof type)
<Totally separated transducer type>

This model is composed of detector unit, transducer and 2 special cables that are 3 core control cable.

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