Here are answers for the frequently asked questions we received from clients.

1. About DITECH, Ltd.

DITECH was founded in 1974 as a privately held company in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, mainly by engineers. Forty years later, DITECH is a stock company that manufactures industrial instruments. The head office is located in Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka City.

2. Our products

Our main products are industrial measuring instruments which are primarily used at plants. We manufacture a range of proprietary special industrial instruments including Level switches (which detect the level of liquids, powders, etc.), continuous Level transmitters (which measure the level of liquids, powders, etc. as a percentage [0%–100%]), Viscometers (which measure liquid viscosity), Lump detectors (which detect lumps in a tank), electrostatic voltmeters and ammeters (which measure the electrostatic voltage and current in a tank), and flexible container moisture detectors (which detect moisture in flexible containers).

3. Inquiries about our products

We accept inquiries by email and telephone.

Our staff may visit your place for consultations if it is close to our company.

We also accept visits to our company for consultations.

4. Delivery date

<Shipping is possible within 2 working weeks after drawing approval.>

General-purpose Capacitive Level switches

General-purpose Vibrating Level switches

※ It depends on service conditions or specifications.

<Shipping is possible within four working weeks after drawing approval.>

Except for the following products.

※ It depends on service conditions or specifications.

<Delivery date determined based on the product specifications and requests>

・Large products such as Capacitive Level transmitter for large tanks, Moisture detector for large flexible containers and Vertically anchored wire Level transmitter for large tanks.

・Products which meet the ultra-high/-low temperature, ultra-high pressure and vacuum, and high load specifications and which meet the requirements of the High Pressure Gas Safety Act.

Vibrating viscometer for testing samples, Level transmitter for molten metals, etc.

・Special products that require customized designs

・Products that do not exist in the market and that take time to develop

5. Product delivery process

Please feel free to contact us directly or via your dealer.
※ Please inform us of your desired delivery date and the specific usage conditions (e.g., materials subject to measurement, installation and interface conditions, tank shape, measurement range, temperature, pressure, load) so that we can propose optimal products for the required specifications.

We will prepare a quotation that indicates the delivery date, product model, and price based on the usage conditions. You are requested to review the quotation.
※ During the quotation phase, we will prepare and deliver a specification sheet and external drawing upon request.

If you accept the quotation, you are requested to issue an order placement form. We will start manufacturing the product after receiving the order placement form.

The product will be delivered by our partner transport company or a transport company that you designate.

6. Order placement for the same product

Placing an order for the same product can be facilitated by informing us of the serial number indicated on the product.

7. Aftersales support

We abide by our sales policy to propose optimal products. To fulfill our responsibility, we offer extensive support to ensure that the product performs stably in the usage environment.

Upon request, we can dispatch our engineers to witness a test run and make adjustments.

8. Repairs

We accept inquiries about products that have been used for a long time, and offer follow-up services including maintenance, inspection, and calibration.

9. Cost

We offer quotations free of charge.

10. Timing of payment

30% by cash on order placement. 70% by cash before shipment.

11. Payment method

Bank transfer