Moisture detector for
large flexible containers




This detector is designed to measure the internal moisture in the flexible container without opening it.


Resin pellets, powders, rice or wheat flour in a flexible container stored in a warehouse might deteriorate due to the ingress of moisture or rainwater from respiration, pinholes in the fabric of the container, surface condensation or other factors. This has led to the need to detect moisture in a flexible container without opening it. DITECH’s solution to this challenge is a moisture detector for large flexible containers developed using a combination of our proprietary impedance bridge and capacitive multiplex compensation (multi-guard) system.
Using this detector is as simple as placing flexible containers on a sensor. The detector can detect minimal to large amounts of moisture, and it dramatically improves the efficiency of the final shipping inspection.

    1. Simple moisture detection by placing a flexible container on a sensor

    2. Measurement unaffected by any wet surface on the flexible container or moisture in the interlining cloth

    3. Signals from radially split part and its peripheral part are separately displayed.

    4. No moving parts in the sensor ensure a long service life and non-consumable maintenance-free operation

    5. Sensitivity checks performed as an inspection step at the beginning of work ensure high sensitivity and reliability

    6. Limit setting: capability to issue an alarm by buzzer or a flashing light (option)

Measurement system Impedance bridge measurement system +
Capacitive multiplex compensation system
Measurement range 1% or over of moisture
Output signal DC4~20mA Buzzer Flashing light
Input power Model D-MF (Model PS-0MF): AC105V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 30W
Allowable temperature Detector: 5~60℃
Transducer: Built‐in Model PS-0MF: 5~50℃
Special cable: Model DSC-15 (high accuracy use): -10℃~+60℃
Allowable load Detector: 1.0t
Weight Detector(For 0.25t、For 0.5t): 100kg
Detector(For 1.0t): 130kg
Alarm set station: 30kg
Size Detector(For 0.25t、For 0.5t): 1100(W)×1100(D)×175(H)
Detector(For 1.0t): 1400(W)×1100(D)×175(H)
Alarm set station: 600(W)×250(D)×1150(H) (mm)
Material Detector: SUS304 Vinyl chloride Phenolic resins FRP, etc.

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