Lump detector
calibrating spring scale




The lump detector calibrating spring scale, used as an auxiliary instrument to strain-based lump detectors, calibrates lump detectors according to readings taken from the graduated scale when it is set and pulled between the tank top and the detector.

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    1. Hang the upper hook of the turnbuckle onto the spring scale. Using a wire rope, hoist the upper end of the spring scale.

    2. Attach the lower hook of the turnbuckle to a position 10 mm from the probe tip. Fasten the hook with adhesive tape to avoid slipping.

    1. Reset the spring scale by pressing the zero key, ensuring that the probe is in an unconstrained condition.

    2. Turn the turnbuckle to raise the tension and set the load. Since the turnbuckle stroke is short, adjust bends in the hoisting wire.

    3. Since only one loading orientation is used, set the sensor properly in the loading orientation by rotating the sensor flange by 90 degrees at a time. Adjust the turnbuckle to achieve the specified load.

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