Level transmitter
for molten metals




Electromagnetic induction-type


This level transmitter for molten metals are also designed to be suitable for a closed tank.

Object to be

molten metals

molten metal molten metal

At ultrahigh temperatures, conventional capacitive level transmitters cannot measure the level of good conductors. DITECH’s proprietary level transmitter for molten metals has been developed to make this possible.
The industrial sector is expecting market prices of metallic resources to soar in the future. Accordingly, metallic resources must be utilized efficiently. By carefully controlling the level of molten metal in metal refineries that consume huge amounts of energy, it becomes possible to cut wasteful use of energy and costs, as well as to reduce environmental burdens.

This device offers a simple sensor structure for an increased degree of design freedom that enables to integrate the protective tube into a closed vessel not to directly make contact with the outside air. In addition, it can detect the metal surface level without any influence of slag. Level switches for molten metals are also available.

Level switches for molten metals are also available.

When an electromagnetic induction-type sensor is submerged in a molten metal, an eddy current occurs and its induction efficiency changes. This phenomenon is used to generate a level signal.
    1. Suitable for a closed tank.

    2. Possible to measure the surface level continuously.

    3. Simple sensor structure for an increased degree of design freedom.

    4. Wide range measurement from 10 mm to 2,000 mm.

Object to be

Use of various kinds of protective tubes suitable for the molten metal makes the device usable at high temperatures up to 2000 ℃.

Object to be
Mercury Mercury -38.9℃
Cesium Cesium 29℃
Sodium Sodium 98℃
Lithium Lithium 179℃
Tin Tin 232℃
Bismuth Bismuth 271℃
Cadmium Cadmium 321℃
Lead Lead 328℃
Zinc Zinc 419℃
Magnesium Magnesium 651℃
Aluminum Aluminum 660℃
Object to be
Barium Barium 717℃
Calcium Calcium 810℃
Germanium Germanium 959℃
Gold Gold 1063℃
Copper Copper 1083℃
Manganese Manganese 1244℃
Silicon Silicon 1410℃
Nickel Nickel 1455℃
Iron Iron 1539℃
Titanium Titanium 1727℃
Platinum Platinum 1774℃
Measurement range 10mm~2000mm (The maximum operating temperature depends on the materials of the protective tube.)
Output signal DC4~20mA DC1~5V ※ One of the above signal
Input power Model DIM (Model PS-17): AC105V/210V 50/60Hz or DC24V
Power consumption 50W
Linearity ±2%
Accuracy Within ±2% (When adhesion is intense: within ±5%)
Allowable temperature Detector: -60℃~+2000℃ (Depends on the specifications)
Transducer:  Model PS-17:  -10℃~+50℃
Special cable:  Model DSC-17:  -10℃~+60℃
Special dedicated heat resistant cable: (Depends on the specifications)
Allowable pressure Detector: 30MPa (approx. 306kg/cm2G) (Depends on the specifications)
Weight Transducer: Model PS-17: 5.5kg
Size Transducer: Model PS-17: 216(W)×125(D)×259(H) (mm)
Installation Detector: Flange mounting Screws mounting, etc.
Material Detector: SUS304 SUS310S SUS316 SUS316L
      Tungsten Ceramic Molybdenum, etc.
Head case: Light alloy Silver SUS304, etc.

Model DIM
(Non-explosion-proof type)
<Totally separated transducer type>

This model is composed of detector unit, transducer and 2 special cables that are 3 core control cable.

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