Impedance type fluid
Level transmitter






Intrinsically safe construction(i3nG5)


The impedance type fluid level transmitter IP model is ideal for measuring the good electrical property liquids and the fine particles.


Electrolytic solution, such as Sea water, Salt water, Soy sauce, Acid, Alkaline solution, Molten salt, etc.

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Electrolytic solution

The impedance type fluid level transmitter is optimally suitable for fluid level measurement for conducting fluids.
In terms of electrical property, every material is roughly classified into the insulating material such as the oil, the demineralized water synthetic resin, etc., the electrically good conductor such as the metals, and the intermediate conductor which is the product between the insulating material and the electrically good conductor. The intermediate conductor is the electrolytic solution including the molten salt, the salt, the acid, the aqueous solution of alkali, etc. in addition to the carbon powder. The intermediate conductor cannot be often measured with the electrical capacitance instrument or the differential measuring instrument in the past because it causes the adhesion, the wetting, and the crystallization to the detector (electrode). Ditech's IP model is exclusively designed for such intermediate conductor as well as electrically good conductor.


You may consider that the above operation is that of the potentiometer for the fluid as if the portion filled with the fluid is short-circuited by the liquid junction after being replaced by the parallel resistance while the series resistance lines up limitlessly when there is no fluid (or only adhesion of foreign substances) in the tank.

Impedance type Level transmitter Measurement principles

Install in the tank the element having the impedance ideal for the fluid. The element is short-circuited by the fluid to the level filled, and the voltage generated by sending constant current into the element is in inverse proportion to the level. (Install the liquid junction electrode when the container is GL, FRP, and so on). Convert it into the unified signal, and transmit the level signal.

    1. Measures highly conductive and adhesive fluids with high accuracy.
      (Suitable for fluids that cannot be measured with a differential-pressure or capacitive system.)

    2. Immune to the effects of pressure or specific gravity.

    3. Offers the highest level of reliability due to a simple operating principle and structure.

    4. Detector and transducer can be separately installed without effecting the device's operating performance.

    5. Lightning arrestor (option) protects the device from lightning-induced surges.

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Measuring span 0m~10m (Depends on the specifications)
Output signal DC4~20mA DC1~5V ※ One of the above signal
Input power Model IP-QBS-FL (Model IPS-0F):  AC105V/210V 50/60Hz or DC24V
Model IP-NSB-FL (Model PS-2):  AC105V/210V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 10W
Linearity ±2% FS
Allowable temperature Detector: -25℃~+900℃ (Depends on the specifications)
Transducer:  Model IPS-0FL: -10℃~+50℃
Transducer:  Model ITR-2FL: -25℃~+70℃
Power source: Model PS-2:    -10℃~+50℃
Special cable:  Model DSC-15 (high accuracy use):   -10℃~+60℃
Special cable:  Model DSC-05 (small size):      -10℃~+60℃
Special cable:  Model DSC-13 (heat resistance use): -50℃~+200℃
Allowable pressure Detector: 20MPa (approx. 204kg/cm2G) (Depends on the specifications)
Weight Transducer:  Model IPS-0FL: 5.5kg
Transducer:  Model ITR-2FL: 4.3kg
Power source: Model PS-2:    7.6kg
Size Transducer:  Model IPS-0FL: 216(W)×125(D)×259(H)
Transducer:  Model ITR-2FL: 200(W)×149(D)×220(H)
Power source: Model PS-2:    250(W)×145(D)×275(H) (mm)
Installation Detector: Flange mounting, etc.
Material Detector: SUS304 SUS316 Nickel Tungsten Titanium Tantalum
      Gold Platinum PTFE Alumina Pyrex, etc.
Head case: Light alloy SUS304 Salt resistant paint case, etc.

(Non-explosion-proof type)
<Separated transducer type>

This model is composed of detector unit, transducer and special cable.


(Intrinsically safe construction / i3nG5)
<Totally separated detector unit type>

This model is composed of detector unit, transducer, relay power source and special cable that is 4 core control cable. As the transducer is designed to be installed in a dangerous area, the special cable can be made short enough to minimize picked-up noises, thus permitting a stable performance to be obtainable. As to performance, this model has the same characteristics as those of Model IP-QBS-FL.

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